I run a newsletter where I share my reflections along with journaling prompts on a varied range on topics that allow me to develop a creative mindset in everyday and live a holistically well life. You can read some here.



Developed and hosted a 5 week program in a public school in Mumbai with success. Raised and trained a team of 30 volunteers across Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, but failed to execute the program further due to lack of planning and commitment. Was a great learning curve though. Here are some ppts to give you a sense of the project.



A personal art project involving where I approached strangers, initiated a conversation and made a quick piece of art based on our conversation. I was doing this to overcome my people anxiety in that phase, I wanted to grow, not just as an artist but also as a person. You can view some posts here.



This was a documentation project of my life with my dog called Sketch. I made these quick 2 min doodles of Sketch on post-it notes and stuck on the wall above my work desk. This project was featured on Design Taxi, Platform Magazine, Design Faves. You can view the blog here.



I liked doodling. Did not like to read the news. This blog was an attempt to make me hold the newspaper in my hand everyday to doodle somewhere on it. And read a news or two while I’m at it. This project was chosen as the best art blog by Juice magazine by Jabong and featured on Design Taxi, Creative Gaga, Kyoorius, Pool Magazine, Platform Magazine, and a few other platforms. you can view the blog here.



Secret recipes are passed down from great grandmothers downwards through word of mouth. Many times these recipes are lost when one generation doesn't cook or value that dish. Hence TOK JHAL MISHTI in collaboration with recipe keepers & recipe illustrators are working towards documenting these recipes for generations to come! It is also an endeavor to popularize & celebrate Bengali cuisine. Over 10 illustrators from all over the world participated in documenting recipes through digital art. The project was widely appreciated by over 500 people at an exhibition stall in one of Kolkata's most popular street art festival (Kal Fest)