I love to explore all my varied interests, while ongoingly crafting my day, and hence my life, from a creative mindset.


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I love to share all that I have learnt through my explorations and help people express their truest creative selves fully and freely.

Ankita Shinde is a visual designer, and a creativity coach born and brought up in Mumbai, currently living in Goa with her pet dog 'Sketch' and her partner, running ADAC Studio together.

Since the start of her career in 2012, Ankita has worked with brands like Adidas, Lenovo, Redbull, ASUS, Facebook, ICICI, Vogue among many other upcoming inspiring ones as well. Her work has been featured in various online and print publications like Hindustan Times, Mumbai Mirror, Creative Gaga magazine to name a few.

Since 2017, she got deeply interested in helping others by sharing whatever she has learnt and benefitted by herself. She has volunteered with public schools, animal and education NGOs, and has conducted online courses on helping people build a creative mindset in everyday life for over 800 people so far.

Ankita absolutely loves pet projects (side/personal projects) and is a staunch advocate of it. She has started many personal and community level pet projects. She has also given a TEDx talk in Bangalore, India in 2018, on the topic of pet projects, it's benefits and applications especially in public schools in India.

She spends her working hours on shaping brands at ADAC Studio & coaching clients​ on building a creatively aligned life. She spends her non working hours resting, staring at leaves & skies, reading a lot, painting, journaling & engaging in fulfilling conversations with people in her life.